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Update 06/05/2012: I just added a new blog to this category! Check out Photos Featured In My Books! There are most of the photos I have across all my blogs on there, and even a few of me! Thanks for your support everyone!

This, as the title of the page implies, is everything that doesn’t fit neatly into the other categories. These blogs are my attempts at expanding my skills, and diversifying the content I have on wordpress. I have thrown myself into these blogs as I have the others, and hopefully they shine as brightly as my other works. Enjoy.

I’m A Dreamer was started in 2011 as a fun page for me. I tend to have wild dreams that I always end up telling people about (which in turn gets me that “you’re crazy” look in response) and sometimes I even turn them into books or short stories. So this blog is dedicated to the strange, or even scary dreams that plague my nightly adventures. Just don’t think I’m too weird because of them, they are for the most part, out of my control.

I’m A Dreamer

Unfinished Stories and Tirades is mostly just a random posts blog (and was labeled as such for more than a year) but I figure I might do something with it that will actually prove fairly useful in showing more of my work than I originally planned. I put stories I have started and not finished on there – the intention being that I will be able to clear out all the milk crates full of notebooks in my room :). Also I want to get feedback on which partial stories have the most potential and which should just be left where they are for the next decade or so. In addition to my unfinished stories, I also write on this blog about random things that make me want to write – for example The Testimony of My Literary Mentality (a brief description on how I came into the writing field) and My Dog Cloudy which is basically a eulogy for my faithful friend that passed away in early 2012.

Unfinished Stories and Tirades

Photos Featured In My Books is exactly what it sounds like. For this blog I have accumulated most, if not all, of the photos across the 23+ websites that I have added to my fiction portfolio. It is through this page that I intend to categorize the photos by which book has which photos, as well as show off specific photographers that have provided more than one or two photos for my books. Feel free to click around, and make your way to the photographer’s profile on – I am sure they would love to hear how well their work is received!

Photos Featured In My Books


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