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Letters To Erin, a book about the ties of love drawn tight by the tide of war. Patrick, the main character, joins the army after years of writing dozens of letters for the love of his life (Erin), dating back to the first day they met. Only they were never delivered. At least they wont be until after John (Erin’s father) reads them and judges Patrick for himself. It looks at the bonds some people never forget, and how it feels to hold love at a distance. Sappy, suspenseful at times, gripped with gruesome action scenes and unpredictable plot twists, Letters to Erin will make you want to keep turning the pages, so to speak. Give it a try if you like books that are exciting and fast paced with subjects woven close to the heart.

Letters To Erin

My First Winter is about life, love, and adventures of the two. Archer, a twenty-something aspiring author is working on his third book. Through the writing process, a young adult named Adam finds himself going on a weekend trip that will change his life forever. When on the trip, Adam meets a young woman who is helping organize the trip, his initial judgment of the weekend changed. The two instantly bonded and began to experience the wonders of the park that those two, and an entire group of people, were enjoying for the weekend.

My First Winter

The main characters Chris and Tim are depicted from birth until they are seniors in high school in the first chapter, after which everything gets interesting. On top of falling in with “the wrong crowd” of college students, who incidentally assume Chris and Tim are older than they actually are, there is a group of meat-head thugs chasing after them and their friends because of a scandal their parents are witnesses to. With incredibly intimidating men trying to capture Chris and Tim at every turn, with having to go through the witness protection program, and with having to deal with pretentious rich kids hell-bent on ruining Chris and Tim’s lives – the life-long duo have a high hurdle to leap over in this show of teenage limitations, both physical and mental.

Chris Patrick

My – No Our Summer is a book that I started from a dream. It isn’t very advanced yet, but it will be. It is similar to the movie Stand By Me which is based on the book by Stephen King. It is all about childhood camaraderie, independence, personal growth, and loss. A few young teens living in the city are enjoying their summer vacation from school, the simple pleasures of being independent and exploring the world around them. Not only will this book leave a warm feeling in your heart, it will leave you longing for “the good old days” before gently making you cry. lol. So be prepared.

My – No, Our Summer

Tiquetra : Life, Love, & Loathing soon to come


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