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This genre is my personal favorite, and the most popular among the four categories I have on The Nexus. Not only are they my favorite, but they generally have the most chapters published. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

The Immortal Chronicles is more than half finished in its 23rd chapter. It has consumed a great deal of my life since its original creation in 2010, though mostly in sporadic bursts. From the heart-pumping first chapter, Aleshia is forced to make tough decisions concerning herself and the immortal lives of those closest to her. If she is to surmount the impossible odds that are stacked against her, she must call upon every resource she has, and take out The Organization before its threats of annihilation are carried out. Will Aleshia and her new mixed band of immortals have the strength to persevere, or will her impossibly powerful immortal family obliterate her using the dangerous past that she has tried so desperately to keep hidden?

The Immortal Chronicles

Coven of Six. My second love. This book has everything: witchcraft; vampires; werewolves; ghosts; angels; and even demons. When Joleena inherits an incredibly large house (and bank account to match) she isn’t expecting to also inherit the world of danger that has thrived around her family in secret since before she was born. While compensating for unexpected and uncontrollable twists and turns, Joleena must navigate through this world of supernatural rules, politics, and war without falter and without doubt in herself or her friends; they are all that can save her from the bony grip of death that has already closed around her entire family. Will Joleena’s sassy “take-no-shit” attitude be enough to fight off those that would kill her to steal her power? Or will she find herself swept away by the more seductive side of power?

Coven of Six

Horror Show On State Street is my first full-on attempt at horror/macabre, though it still has ties to fantasy as it is a less sparkly glance into the immortal vampire. Scary, suspenseful, and sanguine, H.S.O.S.S. has the potential to have you reading on the edge of your seat praying for a positive outcome that most assuredly will be anything but. If sparkly and hot are the two factors that make you say “Ugh! Vampires.” *gag* or even “Oh, vampires!” *adoring sigh* then give this book a chance to scare you into a new pair of pants, as it will undoubtedly contradict today’s fancified blood-sucking bitters of man and change your view of them at the same time.

Horror Show On State Street


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