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This page is for the Aorix Series and the Scattered Warriors Trilogy, but should I decide to stretch one of my other works out into a series, this is where it will be. Below is a description of each series, as a whole, and below that are the links to the sites dedicated to each respective series. The links are to the individual series sites for each title, where links to the books in the series are provided, as well as any extra content that is available.

The Scattered Warriors Trilogy is forever a work in progress. Each day it gets a little more complex, a little more polished around the edges, and a little more near and dear to my heart. By far the best work I’ve accomplished as a writer, Scattered Warriors has loads of extra content just waiting to be explored. I’ve taken this series farther than any other with extras and sneak peaks alike.

From book one, the series encompasses the lives of a group of warriors from around the world of Getanis, all fighting for those that cannot fight for themselves. As the story progresses, some of the characters develop unique abilities to control either the elements or magic itself. It is in the middle of this journey of learning about these powers that the group of young heroes must fight for their lives and their country. With war hanging in the balance, a war that could literally destroy their world, this group of warriors attempts to alter fate and protect the ones they love.

Scattered Warriors Trilogy

The Aorix Series is my most recent great achievement. Taking up most of my focus over the last several months is the new and exciting world of Aorix. The Series’ main characters each have their own chapter, their own story to tell, in their own book. Through each character’s story, the world of Aorix is revealed, and in the final conclusion each character will meet and play their part in the greatest struggle their world has ever known

Falco-Nidae : Atrau takes place on the very western edge of Aorix, in a forest the Falco-Nidaen people have claimed for centuries. Originally used as shelter during their war with the dragons, the Falco-Nidae reside in and with the forest itself, tied to it like no other race before. Falco-Nidae : Atrau is based around the life of a Falco-Nidaen, named Atrau, who must battle the stigma of being a complete social outcast. Throughout the story Atrau must accept his solitude, learn to allow a very select few around him into his world, and discover the true nature of his parent’s deaths. Only after these things, can Atrau truly become the hero of the people who’ve shunned him all his life.

Que-Gnarra :  Liam, based on the opposite side of the world as Atrau, focuses on a tiger-humanoid named Liam. With the support of his family, Liam must complete his sorcerer training and venture out of the only place he’s called home for his entire 40 years of life. Liam’s necessity to leave is based in tradition, and forces him away from his friends, his twins Aiden and Wesley, and even his wife, so that one day in the future he can return to rule over his people. The struggle against love is taking place simultaneously with the struggle for love, as well as the struggle for power. Liam must venture out, accomplish a quest only his sorcerer master truly knows, and survive the journey home before the real danger even begins to take shape.

Aorix Series


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