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This is The Nexus – a headquarters or homepage for all my books and literary projects. The idea behind this is that it showcases all of my work in one site instead of having several separate places spread throughout wordpress. In total I have 23 different blogs on wordpress, one for each book I’ve felt the need to put together. I have spent many, many hours designing these websites, and writing the content, so I really hope you enjoy picking one out and settling in for an interesting read.

A  more recent turn of events has landed me on -two- different promotional web pages! Translation: I crapped my pants. Twice. 😉 To view my photos and bios you can check out these two sites: & Chapter One. Those promotional websites are awesome! Don’t forget, I also have a Facebook page and a Twitter page filled with quotes, comedic puns and amazing pictures from all over the web. Thanks for your support!

On each of the category pages linked above in the menu bar below the header image, is a description of each book that currently fits into that subject, as well as a link to that book’s individual website. For each book, the “cover” page is where you will find a couple more paragraphs detailing the book, chapters up to 5 or 10, as well as any extra content that I may have for the book (i.e. maps of regions/worlds, deeper explanations of context, special sneak peek/spoilers, etc.). If there are less than 5 chapters listed, that is as far as I’ve gotten in publishing the book on

This will also be the place housing all of the updates posted, the newest chapters, which books I am putting up extra content for, and which book(s) I am currently promoting above others. The list below details every book I have up, how many chapters there are, and mentions extra content. I want to give a special thanks to Casperium from deviantart for the photo in the header, as well as the background (both of which are totally amazing!) – she created them. To see more of her work, click here.

Kyle Writtenword

Update 07/10/2012: Total reorganization. That’s the new thing, apparently. So I just thought I’d spend like, seven hours completely redoing my whole website, adding two new pages and changing the menu/widget sets of 20 different blogs :). Really, it was bugging the crap out of me, the way it was working. So, here’s the new Nexus. Let me know what you think by commenting!

Currently promoting: Falco-Nidae : Atrau and Photos Featured In My Books


-Scattered Warriors-

.     Scattered Warriors 1 : A Tearful End @ ch. 9 – Extra Content

.     Scattered Warriors 2 : The Sword – Sneak Peaks

.     Scattered Warriors 3 : Sputum’s Grandstand (soon to come)


.     Que-Gnarra : Liam @ ch. 2

.     Falco-Nidae : Atrau @ ch. 3

.     Elemental : Yuri (soon to come)

Fantasy / Adventure / Horror

The Immortal Chronicles @ ch. 23

Coven of Six  @ ch. 11 ; extra content

Horror Show On State Street @ ch. 2


Letters To Erin @ ch. 4

My First Winter @ ch. 2

Chris Patrick (soon to come)

Jake, Tim, Aaron (password protected)

My – No, Our Summer (soon to come)


Photos Featured In My Books @ page 1 (more to come)

I’m A Dreamer @ 12 posts (more to come)

Unfinished Stories & Tirades @ 6 posts (more to come)



  1. A little over a year ago, I began blogging and you gave me an inspiring push towards making it a part of my daily routine. I mentioned you in my my recent post. Just wanted to say thanks for pushing me towards greatness and wish you luck on your current ventures.

    The Liebster ‘award’ may be a glorified networking tool, but it reminds us of where we were and where we’re going.

    • I have to admit that off the top of my head, I don’t remember having that conversation, which is a little sad from my point of view; I’ll tell you why, though I still sometimes struggle with being succinct. lol. Was there a specific piece that you showed me, because that I would remember more easily.

      I went on your blog, and recognized the layout, and the Header photo because the pic was so unique. After trying and failing to remember, I started looking around and got sucked into Two Hunters – It’s good!.

      It’s sad that I don’t remember us talking because you have a great website set-up, with good multi-facited content, and you were nominated for an award (or more simply put, you know what you’re doing, lol). So I just want to say that I liked your blog, am totally grateful for the plug, and just started a page inspired by the award, which you will be featured in as thanks.

      I unfortunately have had less time to write on wordpress of late. I am working two jobs, and still trying to get my first book ready for publication in October. But I do get some writing done every day, and think it’s totally awesome that I could have inspired someone so cool to do the same.

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